Tech Jobs That Didn’t Exist Years Ago

I had my first web page back in the days of Geocities. I can’t remember the address. I was in high school, and we didn’t even have a computer in the home yet. I created my pages on my WebTV box that I got from my good friend realtor Charles E. Holt III. Oh those were the days. We have come along way since then. I took some time and reflected on some popular tech jobs in 2022 that did not exist back when my World Wide Web journey began. Yes, we used to call it the Web.


What is an influencer? How do you become an influencer? I’m not sure this counts as a tech job, but it exists because of tech. If you can wrangle yourself up a few thousand followers that interact with your content on social media regularly, who want to buy anything and everything you recommend to them, then you can become an influencer.

Social Media Manager

What is a Social Media Manager? How do you become a Social Media Manager? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok. It feels like there is a new social network every few months. The features and trends change faster than I can eat my meal using only chopsticks. The social networks have become such a huge component of a business’s success that you should have someone in charge of managing that for you. Heck, you may need a team of individuals dedicated to the socials.

SEO Specialist

What is an SEO Specialist? What does an SEO Specialist do? SEO stands for search engine optimization. These are individuals who know the ins and outs of how to market your web pages and social media posts with the right hashtags and components to get your content ranking high in search results to get more eyes on your business.

Podcast Producer

What is a Podcast Producer? How do you get started as a podcast producer? A podcast is a series of recordings that are posted online for people to subscribe to. They could be audio episodes or video episodes. If you start to get popular you can contract some sponsors and advertisers to bring in revenue. Podcast producers sometimes have their own products and services for sale. I love podcasts because I can download or stream them anytime on-demand.

Youtube Creator

What is a Youtube Creator? How do you become a Youtube Creator? Being a creator on youtube can be as simple as recording videos of yourself with your cell phone and uploading them to your youtube channel. Any joker can get started. There is an array of channels from the ridiculous to the serious, from amateurs or celebrities. Like a Podcast Producer, to be a successful Youtube Creator one needs to make some quality videos that people want to subscribe to for receiving updates when a new video is available. A good marketing plan and usage of SEO tactics will help you get those dedicated viewers.

Content Writer

What is a Content Writer? What does a Content Writer do? They say Content is King. Content is another way of referring to articles, videos, pictures, posts…. the stuff you produce and put online for others to consume. Some people are so busy running their business that they need to hire someone to write their posts and articles for them. Maybe you don’t have an idea or the time to create a series of novels, but enjoy writing. Well, writing content on various topics for other people and businesses might be the career for you.

Google Ads Specialist

Literally as I was writing this article I was listening to a room on Clubhouse and a guy came on and said he is a Google Ads Specialist. So I figured I’ll add it here. He is talking about how he posted a master class program online and then set up affiliate ads to market it. Ads are all about getting the attention of potential customers, to click through to your page. Hate them if you must, but Google is top dog on the Web.

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