How to Repurpose a Blog Post

There are many ways to repurpose a blog post, and doing so can help you reach new audiences and get more mileage out of your content. Here are some ideas:


  1. Turn it into a video: Use your blog post as the basis for a video script. You can use video editing tools to add graphics and animations to make the content more engaging.
  2. Create an infographic: Use the main points of your blog post to create an infographic. Infographics are great for social media and can be easily shared.
  3. Turn it into a podcast: Use your blog post as the basis for a podcast episode. You can expand on the topic and provide more context and analysis.
  4. Expand on it: If you wrote a short blog post, consider expanding on it to create a longer piece. You can add more details, examples, and research to make it more comprehensive.
  5. Break it down: If you wrote a long blog post, consider breaking it down into smaller pieces. You can turn each section into a separate blog post or social media update.
  6. Turn it into an e-book: If you have a series of related blog posts, consider turning them into an e-book. This can be a great lead magnet for your email list.
  7. Create a slide deck: Use the main points of your blog post to create a slide deck. This can be a great way to present the information in a different format.
  8. Republish it: If it’s been a while since you published the blog post, consider republishing it with updated information or a new angle.


Overall, the key is to think creatively about how you can use your existing content in new ways to reach new audiences and provide value in different formats.

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